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Sautereau STIREN 70
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Technical description

Machine description:

4-shaft unwinder machine

Cast iron frame, cast iron table and slides

Composition :

1 saw diameter 350 Al 80mm

Cutting height 100mm

Lateral displacement 150mm with stopper

2.5Hp/400v motor

1 Lower unwinder diameter 155 L=145mm adjustable in height

Suction outlet diam 150mm

4 cuts, 4 trimmers

Unwinder fixed laterally (headline)

Motor 2.5Hp/400v shaft diam 30

1 Upper unwinder diameter 155 L=145

Suction outlet diam 150mm

4 cuts, 4 trimmers

Laterally adjustable unwinder

Advanced + or - 30mm

Height adjustment

Adjustment of the 2 unwinders also in height (flush)

2.5Hp/400v motor

1 spindle moulder diameter 50 L=180mm

Suction outlet diam 150mm

Permissible diameter of the trays 350mm

5.5Hp/400v motor

Manual Y∆ start

Move up and down

Instructions for use and commissioning

Electrical plans

Service keys, unwinder adjustment jig

Dimensions: 2m35 x 1m20 + ruler

Weight: 850kg

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