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BIESSE AKRON 1120 J edgebander

Biesse AKRON 1120 J
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Technical description

BIESSE AKRON 1120 J edgebander


-Group Non-stick sprayer
- Calibration group
-Infrared lamp
- Gluing group
-Pressure zone
-Engine cut end
-Group trimming above / below
-Shape scraper (2mm)
-Surface scraper (glue)
-Group of brushes
-PRO-NESTING kit for trimming unit
-PRO-NESTING kit for edge scraper group

Technical data:

Workpiece height: 8mm mini / 50mm max
Veneer material height: 12mm mini / 54mm max
Edge thickness in rolls: 0.4mm mini / 3mm max
Edge thickness in strips: 1mm mini / 5mm max
Protrusion of the part from the drive track: 25mm mini
Min. Length workpiece height: 150mm
Min width workpiece height: 85mm
Drive track advance speed: 9m / min.
Pneumatic connection: 6.5bar
Electrical operating voltage: 400 V / 50 Hz three-phase + neutral
Electric control voltage: 24V - DC
Static frequency converter: 160Hz
Capacity of the glue tray: 1.2 (approximately) g
Heating time at ½ load: 15 (approximately) min.

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