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Edgebander - MINIMAX ME 25

Minimax MINIMAX ME 25
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Category : Edgebanders

Technical description

Edgebander - MINIMAX ME 25

Characteristics :

Dimensions of the machining table: 2600x530 mm
Worktable height: 904mm
Edge thickness in roll: 0.4 ÷ 3mm
Edge thickness in strips: up to 5 mm
Panel height min. ÷ max. : 12 ÷ 50 mm
Panel height min./max. using edge scraper: 16 ÷ 50 mm
Length / width min. panels with edge roll: 190/65 mm
Mini length. panel with end cut front face: 120 mm
Forward speed: 7m / min
Drive motor power (S1): 0.55kW
Pneumatic implantation pressure: 6.5bar
Ø extractor hood: 120 mm
Machining temperature: 20 ° C ÷ 190 ° C

Glue tank group

Motor power (S1): 0.18kW
Glue capacity: ~ 0.5kg

End cut group

Motor power (S1): 0.37kW
End cutting blade: Ø 90 mm Z20
Blade rotation speed: 12,000t / min

Trim group

Motor power (S1): 0.75kW
Widia cutters: Ø72 mm Z4
Cutter rotation speed: 12,000t / min

Brushes group

Motor power (S1): 0.14kW
Brushes rotation speed: 2800t / min
Weight: 450kg


Edge scraper group
Brushes group
Automatic loader for edges in strips up to 5 mm
Cutter kit for trimming R = 3mm instead of R = 2mm

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