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Vertical Panel Saw STRIEBIG EVOLUTION 6224

Striebig EVOLUTION 6224
Code : AR00505
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Technical description

Vertical Panel Saw STRIEBIG EVOLUTION 6224

Cutting dimension: 5300x2240x80ep

Experience and innovation for superior performance.
For nearly a decade, the EVOLUTION model has been a pioneer in the
vertical panel saw.
Many automatic functions make your daily work easier. "Touch & saw" - the
control Panel
touch screen with an innovative programming system for easy control.
The EVOLUTION is supplied with
a range of features rarely found on other vertical panel saws.
The saw frame
Manufacture of parts with an accuracy of 1/100 mm
Mechanically welded and robust, the saw frame is extremely torsionally rigid
Support surface with large surface wooden panels that retract automatically and
support for small
integrated full-length wooden parts
Auxiliary stop with tape measure and 3 stops for repetitive cuts
Automatic support detection for small wooden parts
Automatic blocking of the support rollers during sawing
saw bar
One-piece steel design, strong and durable
Automatic locking of the saw bar on the frame when approaching the marks of
vertical cut
sawing unit
Smooth and play-free guiding devices
Heavy-duty motor carriage bearing support ensures cutting precision
Powerful 5.5 kW (7.5 HP) motor and high torque
Increased comfort with automated controls
Laser Assisted Horizontal Section Display
Automatic blocking of the motor carriage
Precise adjustment of the saw motor by push button
Plunging and automatic tilting of the saw unit
"Super-silent" system to reduce blade noise
Electromagnetic motor brake
Control and measurement system
Viewing and programming via a 7.5” color touch screen
PLC programmer with multilingual interface and error detection
Transmission of cutting plans in EXCEL format via a USB port
Operating hours counter
DMS-XY: digital display of the measurement on the 2 axes for vertical and horizontal cuts
Design, ergonomics
Specific design of STRIEBIG products
Multiple awards given, such as the Swiss Design Prize (Swiss Design Prize)
Intuitive use and user-friendly ergonomics

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