Masterwood OMB1 CN3KF CNC Milling Mortiser

Masterwood OMB1 CN3KF
Code : AR00933
Masterwood Condition : Used - In stock
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Technical description

Masterwood OMB1 CN3KF CNC Milling Mortiser

-Working dimension: 5600x300mm
-SINCRO digital control on Windows pc
-1 4 kw routing head

-Vertical bar presser for upper vertical routing group
-Retractable rear stops managed by numerical control
-Machine table with motorized conveyor belt and two side stops
- Lateral loader on motorized belt
- Lateral unloader on motorized belt
-Horizontal presser with automatic opening according to part width from 20 to 220mm
-Vertical presser from 18 to 160mm (can work presser close up to 33mm from the milling axis

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