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UTIS 3000X2000mm vertical framing machine

Utis UTIS 3000X2000mm
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Technical description

UTIS vertical framing machine 3500X2500mm


3 mobile crossbars each equipped with a fixed stop and a double-acting cylinder
200mm stroke, adjustable pressure from 0 to 100 bars (0 to 2800 kg), locking
fast and precise in each position by hydraulic cylinders and pads in
hardened steel, blocking control from the main valve. 1 beam
fixed side equipped with 2 movable stops, 1 movable side beam, quick release
by hydraulic cylinders, control from the main distributor, 2
double-acting cylinders stroke 120 mm, adjustable pressure from 0 to 40 bars (0 to 1200
kg), 1 hydraulic unit, 2.2 kW / 1500 rpm motor, 1 4-element distributor
including 2 single-acting for the locks and 2 double-acting for the jacks,
2 pressure regulators allowing separate adjustment of cylinder pressures
vertical and horizontal, 2 piloted valves guaranteeing pressure maintenance
vertical and horizontal jacks for bonding work. 3 extensions of
50 cm for small frames. 1 disconnector and 1 thermal circuit breaker for
main motor control and protection.

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